Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello 2013!

Hello! I’m back! Yeahhh. After a very very very long long long time, finally, I gained some spirit to make this blog alive, again. Haha!  Yeah, I did not update this blog for almost a year. The worse thing is, I did not open this blog, at all. All of sudden, I feel like, I got nothing to do in my office, and my instinct just like – BLOG!! Luckily, I still remember my email and password. Weee~

What I’ve been doing in my life for a year? Yeah, of course there are good memories, and also bad memories – who cares. I’ve finished my degree (even that I did not officially graduated yet)– HAPPY, I was attached to internship for 4 months – SO-SO, and the most lovely thing is, I’ve joined GEMS programme - DOUBLE TRIPLE FOURPLE HAPPY!!!!

I don’t have interest to make any story bout the others, but I have great feeling to give a storytelling bout GEMS. ;)

GEMS is stands for Graduate Employability Management Scheme, which is a programme for unemployed graduated student –  yes. It sounds harsh.It's not that we're not being employed but it's all about our rezeki is not coming yet. ;)

This programme consists two parts, Part 1 is two months course and Part 2 is apprentice programme for 6 months at any organisation you being allocated.

Ehemmmm. I got an offer to join GEMS on early December, if I’m not mistaken, On that time, yes, I’m jobless. I just finished my internship and just come back from Kedah after having almost 3 weeks of jovial there. No, actually, weeks of suffering ‘cause we need  to finish our internship report. T___T. One of my friends tagged me on a link on FB, and she explained about two different programmes, one is a programme at KL and the other one is GEMS. Basically, both has the same structure, the differentiate is just about the period, which is GEMS took about 8 months and the other one is for only one and half month. So, my action is, I just clicked at the link and register for that programme.

I didn’t expect that I will get quick response. It’s only about 3 weeks after my registration to that portal, and one day, as usual, I checked my e-mail, and I got that offer. Luckily, there are few friends that got that offer, so, what I have to do is, I have to consider my decision. 

What happen next? To be continued. ;)

Oh, by the way, it's already March, but yeah, we're still in the first quarter of 2013. Happy 2013 peeps! May this year bring us prosperous, excellence, and happiness. Amin.

Masyita Atiqah
11.03 am
5th March 2013

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