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When I look at that offer, I said to myself - I must go. But then I realized bout my responsibilities as the eldest in my family. So, I asked my mother opinion, and her reaction can be defined as – “don’t go, my dear daughter. I have some reason for not allowing you” –.
 Yes,of course, I do feel frustrated. But then I asked the other seniors that had already joined GEMS at other sites and they gave me their positive responses. And I also did some researches  bout this programme from some blogs – just Google it yawwwww-. It helps me by giving the spirit to persuade my mother to allow me. Some of the reasons that I gave her are :

-         “’ Mak, ni program guna bahasa Inggeris. Tiqa nak improve BI Tiqa. Banyak faedah mak. Banyak belajar benda yang tak belajar kat U dulu.”
-         “ Dapat elaun mak. Takyah laa mak bagi Tiqa duit belanja.”
-         “2 bulan je mak. Lepas tu ada praktikal. Kalau Tiqa dapat keje, Tiqa berhenti laa.”
-         “Ada rezeki nanti kena serap mak.”

And I did use some  other reasons to persuade her. Heheee. And at last, after some discussion, she gave her permission. Yippie!!! But, it’s not that easy. I have to convince her, many timeeeeeeeeeeeeees. And a day before the registration, we went to Bekok for ‘kampung vacation’, which can be assumed as barter system between me and my dearest mother. ;)

The site of GEMS programme for  this intake is at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Mersing. Quite far from my home. I don’t want to burden my family, so I brave myself to go there by myself. My family sent me to the bus stand and I took bus from Kluang. It took about 2 hours to go there, but it feels like 10 hours journey. Know why? Find out by yourself. ^^
Just after I reached Mersing, which it my very first time going there after almost 10 years, I don’t know which direction should I go. I used my ‘expertise’ of using public transportation, and yes, cab is the best choice. But it seems like it was the worst choice actually, as I have to pay RM10 for less than 10 minutes journey. Ya, not too good, but thank youuuu pakcik for sending me there safely.

My first impression after I reached HSM is – is it really a hotel? IS IT? Why does it looks like a hostel? WHY WHY WHY?  Yes, I have overthinked bout it. I did some researches bout HSM before that, but I never thought that it will be like – urghhhhhh. I thought that there will be elevators, at least. But, it doesn’t have any. Then, I realized that, Syita, be grateful. At least, they’ve prepared for your accommodation. Do not demand too much! Oh, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. ;)

Ok, I’ve went too far. After reached HSM, I went to Pak Malau Hall (sounds weird? Haha!) for registration. There, I met my colleague and asked for their hands of what to be done on that time. They’ve guided me and Alhamdulillah, the process became smoothly. Then we have to attend PPI test, which is the personality test. It has 50 questions and need to be accomplished in 40 minutes (if I’m not mistaken). It’s a computer-based test and the result is going to be announced on the other day.

Oh yes, after the registration, we’ve been given our room. Each rooms consist four person. Yes, my heart feels like – THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP! Who will be my roommates? Are they okay? Are they cool? Are they? Are they? I do feel worry because it’s not easy for me to get along with people I just know. It takes time for me to be comfortable with new person in life. Just after I enter to that room – yes, hotel room – put my things, attend PPI test, go back to the room, take a nap - and just after that, I got chance to know my roommate. Oh myyyyyyyyyy, I’m the maknae!!! Yippiee!!! Don’t understand? Aigooooo, it means that I’m the youngest in that room. What a feeling, such a very long time since my last feeling of being youngest. Haha!

Our room is not very comfortable. The room is too small, even when we wanna pray, we've to pray at the small space between our bed and TV. The air-conditioner was not functioning, and we'd to sleep in 'sauna' for two days. Then we asked to the Hotel Management to do maintenance, but they said that it needs few days, and the give us another room whis is bigger and comfortable than the previous room. Of course laaa we're sooooooooo happppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like crazy!! :D

My roommates are Hanis Husna, Zuhairah Izzati Zuraine, and Siti Faiross. They’re older than me, but honestly, I feel very comfortable with them. We’re just like very good friends that have known each other for a very long time. It’s hard to express that feeling. I love my roommates! ;’(

On first night, I don’t really remember what is our schedule. But we were gathered at Pak Malau for some briefing if I’m not mistaken. Bla bla bla bla bla. Yes, everything is about that programme. The rules, the format, the content, etc.

On second day, we’ve opening ceremony, and we’ve been given our companies according to the SMT list.  All the companies need to appoint CEO, COO, Manager, executive and assistant executive – just like a real one. For my company, after being ‘distributed’, we’d our simple introduction of each members, total of 26 members (there was 3 added members to our company after that day) and we’ve to give a name to our companies by using gems stone name. I’m  fighting for a name – SAPPHIRE – ‘cause I think that name is very unique and too marvellous whenever we say that name. Heeee. Luckily, we’re at the front of the hall, and we don’t need to fight too hard to get that name. So, there we are – SAPPHIRE!

To develop a company, four people was chosen to be the top management – CEO, COO Project, COO Corporate, Auditor, which is these four person got the highest ranking in their personality test. They gave us a very short  time to discuss, and at last, we’ve chosen our top management. Our CEO is Rizal, COO Project is Langsay, COO Corporate is Ezzati, and Auditor is Kak Bainy. 

The others is managers, executives, and assistants. Me? Deyyy, I’m just an ordinary person. So, I’m just the  assistant of my very big boss – Rizman for Corporate Dinner and Special Project GLP. ;)

We’ve 7 gentlemen in our companies, and the other 22 is ladies. We do feel awkward at the first time, of course laaa. How can we be like we know each other for 10 years, right?

That is the first batch of my story. It’s a long story, so it will take few chapters before I finished this storytelling. Till we meet again peeps!

I forgot one thing. Our site is SMM07C. Seri Malaysia Mersing, the 7th batch, and the C series of 2012. Our beloved Site Manager is Tuan Haji Ibrahim – Professor Snape. SMTs are Tuan Haji Sazlie, Miss Yanie, and Miss Atie. KBye!

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